Saturday, June 02, 2007

Archwood Street Fair, this Saturday and Sunday

Last night, we in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood again emptied out attics and garages and then prowled about our houses looking for the wretched excess baggage of our lives that we foist off on y'all every year at the Archwood Street Fair. It has something to do with improving on our feng shui.

Judging from what I saw last night at Ray and Rudy's and at Mike's, this year will be another good one. In desperation to have something to sell, we're all dragging out a lot of the good stuff that we have held back in prior years. We finally gave up Duke the Wonder Horse and the Victorian pressback high chair; Mike dragged out all the high-end china his relatives have given him over the years.

I believe the fair runs today and tomorrow, on Archwood Avenue between Pearl and Fulton. Wear sensible shoes. Don't forget to bring some food by for Rev. David Bahr and Archwood UCC.

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