Wednesday, June 13, 2007

clutter & noise on the internet

MySpace, Second Life, and Twitter Are Doomed - Columns by PC Magazine -- Good to hear near-brilliant predictions that run parallel with mine. I fled screaming (virtually) from Second Life and MySpace, then forsook Twitter when I decided I was too weird to report, religiously and meticulously, what I did hour by hour--somebody would have me committed way before my time.


  1. The internet is clutter and noise, just like the rest of the world. That's not going anywhere.

    Nor is the question whether a tech-trend will fade. The three apps mentioned have already proved themselves significant and useful whether or not they stop gaining momentum next month or next year.

    Yes. These sites will either die or evolve. Probably by 2011 -- far off in techtrendtime -- as the article's author cowardly predicts for Twitter. They've grown enormously in spite of his (mostly vacuous) criticisms.

    Web-world trends are coming and going more and more quickly, and anyone is free to let pass almost any that she/he doesn't find attractive. Different strokes.

    The trends that are longer-lasting and harder to avoid are those that can support the weight of an ecosystem. "Applications" tend to be flashes-in-the-pan, while "platforms" have longer sticking power.

    (Now I'll be part of the distributed hype machine...)

    There's a fairly remarkable (((social)web)app) one springing up within Facebook since their recent Facebook Platform roll-out.

    Integrate twitter/flickr/[web2.0 trend of your choice]/[your custom app here] right into the Facebook environment.

    Might want to check out the post, Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in by Marc Andreessen (Netscape's co-founder.)

  2. Jeff, points well taken. I guess I'm just a little cranky, and Ricky, that guy with breasts and leotards in Second Life, really did sort of creep me out when he advanced on my avatar that was just sort of frozen there. Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook integrations. They are all remarkable in what they do and attempt to do. You're right.