Tuesday, June 05, 2007

good news about kudzu

In Tennessee, Goats Eat the ‘Vine That Ate the South’ - New York Times -- I never thought I'd see kudzu brought to heel. I've spent a lot of time in Columbus, Georgia, and in Atlanta. I've fallen asleep outside and had kudzu advance on me overnight. We still see more kudzu than we want to be seeing when we visit the kids in Knoxville. Now, there may be hope: goats.

Don't miss the part about the guard donkeys' being replaced by llamas.

We Yankees are faced with more formidable challenges than kudzu: What we have to do in Cleveland is to find something to eat all the McDonald's food-packaging detritus. It probably would be easier and quicker if we all just stopped buying and consuming McDonald's and their ilk. Not only would we have a quantum leap in public health, but we'd also experience a massive environmental cleansing.

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