Friday, June 29, 2007

Mark Rosentraub: we need new immigrants

Fading away - --Hey, this article's a hoot. Mark Rosentraub, the very one who signed off on that half-baked study about tax abatement, now says we need new immigrants. It reminds me a lot of an old Richard Pryor routine.

Yep, Mark, without an underclass to live in the older structures and pay more than their fair share of the property tax, who's going to pick up the slack for all the new, tax-abated stuff?


  1. Hey, Tim, not to worry -- the Dean laid out his jobs plan for the poor way back in 2003. Immigrant or native, you can still clean those $300 hotel rooms for eight bucks an hour.

  2. Yes, Bill, and they're always free to become entrepreneurs at the same time and participate in the underground economy conventioneers lust after. You can start right away and don't even have to learn English! It's all off the books. And for the youth, it's a quicker start than going to college and professional school! Clean rooms as a front, and make up the difference on your back, or on your knees, depending...make the same as a PhD with none of the messy, time-consuming schoolwork, so long as your health holds out. We sure have laid out a bright future for the legions of service workers we're getting ready for around here.