Friday, June 08, 2007

fish far inland

The Travels of Dan Moore, III-- Today, our intrepid friendly riders, now in China, kick back with a modicum of luxury and get a chance to work the internet to link back to convenient technology. It's an interesting thought about the fish, and the trains' getting blown off the tracks. Dan, black is always appropriate--just go faster.

The Torch Hotel in Urumqi is the best hotel thus far. Tonight is the first night I have been able to get into my emails and return dictation to the office by email. It’s a great relief, but I am weeks behind in my work. The “blog squad” has done a wonderful job cleaning up the past blogs.

Tomorrow I will work on fixing the anti-lock brakes on my motorcycle. There is a new way to re-program the brakes that Mike Paull, one of our leaders, has been able to download from the Internet. In addition, I need new brake pads to replace the ones in the rear.

At dinner tonight we were served a fish – a little bit frightening since we are as far away from water as any point in the world. One of the treats that we will see tomorrow is the largest windmill power station in Asia. The wind in this area blows so hard that it has blown railroad trains off their tracks. Today it was actually cold, raining virtually the whole day. It should be an interesting ride over the mountains and then into the desert. The balance of this trip is going to be extremely hot. I have to convince myself that wearing black leathers was the right thing to do.

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