Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lincoln Institute: coming soon to a neighborhood near you

A while back, in December of last year, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy people visited Cleveland, before it was all plussed up, and MetTheBloggers. The lead-in to the interview read as follows: "A conversation with Gregory Ingram, the President and CEO of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and Armando Carbonell, the Chairman of the Department of Planning and Urban Form, which produced the film Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City. Over 500 people attended a screening at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History that evening."

They have taken their show on the road, since then, and our friends Darren and Johanna Hamm and Brian Cummins have asked us to help out with the publicity. Here it is. I wish we had known about it more in advance, but Gloria and I are scheduled for being in Columbus on the 27th and 28th. We're hoping that the screening generates some good dialogue and thought.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in collaboration with Brian Cummins, Ward 15 Councilman, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo present:

Making Sense of Place - Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City

A free screening of the one-hour documentary film about deterioration in the urban core through the eyes and voices of Cleveland residents, followed by a community discussion.

Wednesday, June 27th - 6:00 - 8:30pm

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Auditorium - 3900 Wildlife Way

For questions, please contact:

Councilman Brian Cummins, Ward 15 Representative, 4483 Broadview Road, Cleveland, OH 44109

216-459-8400 216-459-8412 fax

(ticket graphic by Darren Hamm)

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