Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ohio City Named One of America's Top 10 Cottage Communities

I just got this email from some of our friends over in Ohio City. We had been there recently, May 19th, as guests of our other friends, Tom and Kathleen, to go to the Saturday evening house preview tour of the Weekend in Ohio City:

Hot on the heels of its feature story in the March 2007 issue of Cottage Living magazine, Ohio City was named by that publication as one of the top 10 "cottage communities" in the country. The full list of the the 10 best neighborhoods in the nation is profiled in the July/August issue, which hits newsstands on June 26.

Quoting from the magazine's press release: "A victim of suburbia’s post-World War II allure and Cleveland’s industrial decline, Ohio City suffered during the 1960s and '70s, but the residents led a comeback that left Ohio City thriving. By working to maintain affordable housing, they have managed to revitalize without forcing out long-term and lower-income residents.

'Ohio City is very friendly,' says Bernie Thiel, a long-term resident. 'It’s a
real talking over-the-fence community.'" '

Ohio City finished second on the list, just behind Forest Hills Gardens in Queens, NY.

The list includes neighborhoods that Cottage Living editors would like to call home, with charming cottages, a sense of community, and an eye on the future. Both old and new, the neighborhoods use creative ideas to solve common problems. "[T]hese neighborhoods are inspiring role models," writes Cottage Living Editor-in-Chief Eleanor Griffin.

Cottage Living canvassed the country for the 10 best cottage communities. The criteria were broken down into four categories: Homes (30%): Inspiring architecture, unifying design elements, and walkable streets; People (30%): Residents who spark a resurgence or designers and developers who envision change and bring it to life; Bright Ideas (30%): Innovative, positive change on a regional or national level; and Cottage Twist (10%): Something that brings a smile.

So come out this weekend, explore the neighborhood, and see what the excitement is all about. Be sure to visit Open Air in Market Square across from the West Side Market on Saturday, and mark your calendar for the Ohio City Garden Tour on July 22. And as always, check back to regularly for news and upcoming events.

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  1. I've lived near (but not in, or I'd be worse than broke) Forest Hills Gardens for the past 2 years, and I often go walking through it on the weekends. I've come to think of it as "the perfect community." (design-wise). I'm very finicky, so for Ohio City to have come in 2nd after FHG - that's quite an achievement. Good for them.