Thursday, May 15, 2008

you gotta sorta like this guy

Mummified cat at Fairport Harbor Lighthouse needs a name - Tipoff- -- Here's a Michael McIntyre Tipoff snippet about a guy you just gotta sorta like--I couldn't have phrased it much better myself, but I have been thought to have Tourette's at times:

Cleveland Foundation President & CEO Ronn Richard is quoted with a blunt explanation: "We stopped innovating. . . . We missed the IT (information technology) revolution. We missed it because we were so fat, dumb and happy with our prowess in heavy manufacturing."

Richard said he hasn't caught any flak for that comment and that he stands by it, though "I don't know if I phrased it so politely."

He's more troubled by a quote about our inability to attract immigrants.

"We even have a hard time attracting illegal immigrants," Richard is quoted as saying.

"I was joking," said Richard. "I wish he had said, 'Richard joked.'"

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