Thursday, May 29, 2008

a concrete example of Chambers' koan-like slogan, "The network is the platform."

Cisco Delivers On Open Promise - Mobile Blog - InformationWeek -- Here's an update on home-boy John Chambers (Ashtabula, at one time), how Cicso and he are delivering what they said they would, and what this means for open standards and interoperability. I like "Chambers' koan-like slogan, 'The network is the platform.'" It brings to mind Marshall McLuhan's attempt to describe the age we're in now with "the medium is the message."

Click through "Cisco Motion" for more geek talk on "a new business platform that will unify disparate networks, devices, and applications into a centralized architecture." This is important stuff. Suit up, you're starting, and you're on the fast track, too.

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