Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day service at 1100 today at Denison Cemetery

LOOKING FOR A HUSBAND , comment 6050 REALNEO for all -- Here from our local librarian Laura McShane is a timely tidbit buried as a comment. Writing about Jim Rokakis reminded me of the Memorial Day Ceremony down at the old Denison Cemetery, at 1100 this morning. The cemetery is at the bottom of the street where Jim and his brothers and sisters grew up. The house recently was among the huge host of foreclosed & unused properties of Northeast Ohio, in that strange scenario in which banks have begun the ruin of the money system yet are allowed to sit on top of all the real property.

The librarian's comment is replete with good and useful links:

Brooklyn Centre Memorial Day Ceremony
Join us for a service at the historic Brooklyn Centre Burying Ground, also known as Denison Cemetery to honor our military veterans.

11:00 am, Monday, May 26th

Meet at the historic Brooklyn Centre Burying Ground located on Garden Avenue east of Pearl Road behind Aldi’s. This Cemetery had its first burial in 1823 and was deeded the Brooklyn Centre Burying Ground in 1853. Many war veterans, starting with the Revolutionary War are buried in this local historic cemetery. Thank you to the volunteers of our community that pitched in last week to clean and beautify the cemetery…if you’ve not participated in this event previously you are encouraged to do so this year! For more information or questions, please call Rick Nicholson, Brooklyn Centre Historical Society, 216-398-1494 .

REF: Brooklyn Centre Historical Society or Denison Cemetery

· Ruth E. Ketteringham – In Memoriam;
·Interment Information, Michele Danielle;
-City of Cleveland Cemetery Division;
Info they have on Denison Cemetery;
· Additional site with interment information;

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  1. I can't take credit for the links. Brian sent them to me. Too bad that he was a no show. I have a feeling his conscience might be bothering him.