Sunday, May 18, 2008

more good work from Mark and Henry

Auditor says Rosemary Vinci's failure to disclose felony record broke no law - OPENERS - Ohio Politics Blog by The Plain Dealer -- Although this one comes without an accompanying audio clip, we appreciate it immensely. Mark Puente and Henry J. Gomez are doing some good reporting for the good of the community, and we hope they keep can keep it up.

We like the part about her lobbying for "developers." Perhaps this all Flats-centric real-estate engineering needs reexamining. It seems that it may not be "organic" or natural growth. It may even be cancerous, and it may need excising.


  1. Did you notice this sums it up well and the story never ends--I, too, commend the PD for finally reporting the truth:
    Cleveland's own West Side Story

    This lady, or Madam only job at the county is to help politicians in the democratic party stack money into their campaign funds. She is tied into county and city hall politicians. Her Influence was used along with councilman Santiago's to make sure their good friend Emily Lipovan was appointed to council clerk in January 2006.
    Vinci has manipulated Tremont West Development Corporation for close to ten years. She became good friends with Emily Lipovan when both Vinci and Joe Santiago were the power brokers at Tremont West. Vinci, Lipovan, and Santiago had much to say about influencing State, County, and City of Cleveland officials over dozens of liquor permits over the years. They also strong armed city boards like BOZA to put bars and clubs and saturate a neighborhood once known for the beautiful Church's that adorned the skyline.
    Vinci and Lipovan main goal since the year 2000 was to put a puppet into city government that would pay dividends and favors to Tremont West in the form of federal tax dollars. They were unsuccessful in 2001, but in 2005 Joe Santiago won his Ward 14 Council seat with the help of almost every employee and board member of the organization.
    Santiago, Lipovan, and Vinci also made sure West Park political insider Colleen Gilson who was appointed to replace Emily Lipovan when she left Tremont West. These political insiders are still very connected even though all have left the scene at Tremont West. They have over the past ten years turned this organization into a local patronage of political favoritism for developers, bar owners, back door deals, and business while their personnel have forced many poor and elderly people out of their homes with violations.
    Vinci is also the President of the Ward 13 Democratic Club, she controls the precinct committee fiefdom and gets political insiders elected even to these positions several are even county employees. This for the sole purpose of controlling county and city government.
    This scratch ones back political corruption must continually be exposed. Why did the PD not talk about her father James Vinci who was killed gangland style per a 2005 story on Vinci? I think this tells it all and who is running politics in Cuyahoga County.
    Russo's stance to allow this to continue is a reflection of our leadership in this county. Pat O'Malley cut a deal for a reason, he will soon be taking several of his friends along with him into the political graveyard. It cannot be soon enough.

  2. Where did the foregoing info originate? Is it your material, or are you quoting all after "This lady"?

  3. It's a comment posted on the PD blog on the PD's original story.