Friday, May 02, 2008

inflicted mental illness

Cleveland Estate Planning Lawyer Nancy Fioritto Patete -- I just came across this article done by one of our attorney friends, on the topic of PTSD. The mess created by the "conventional" warfare of WWII was one thing; the jungle warfare in the Republic of Viet Nam was yet another thing; yet the urban warfare of the past two conflicts is especially insidious in its effects on the men surviving, and its impact on our society. Here's a snippet, but be sure to read the whole thing. Note the material from Martha Gellhorn.

Miller was clearly a casualty of PTSD. According to the stories, he suffers
nightmares, hallucinations, and flashbacks. He is hypervigilant and
claustrophobic. He abuses substances. In one episode, in the closed quarters of
a Navy ship he attacked a sailor who whistled, the shrill sounding to Miller
like a launched rocket grenade. In another, he blacked out but not before
pointing a gun at his then-wife. He drinks most of the time. He needs his space,
to be alone. Then he feels lonely and isolated. He is unable to cry. He works
nonstop. Intimacy becomes especially difficult. He spends time with other

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