Saturday, May 24, 2008

caveat emptor: Narrin's, stall #E-11 at The West Side Market -- We just got back from paying $5.00 apiece at Narrin's, stall #E-11 at Cleveland's West Side Market, for two things we use from time to time: Pickapeppa Hot Red Pepper Sauce (3 oz.) and Try Me Tiger Sauce (5 oz.). We felt as though somebody was taking advantage of us on the pricing, so I checked it out online.

They charged us 100% more than regular retail on the Tiger Sauce, normally $2.50, and 66% more than regular retail for the Pickapeppa Hot Red Pepper Sauce, normally $3.00.

So. Caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware, at Narrin's, stall #E-11, The West Side Market, 1979 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

We also paid Narrin's Market Marauders $5.00 for two containers of kimchee, each of which is about 8 oz. Taking this pricing of $5.00 per pint forward, I guess that if 8 pints comprise a gallon, then Narrin would charge me around $40.00 for that amount, probably with a slight quantity discount. When I started relative pricing against Narrin's opportunistic pricing, I found this, which is going to be quite useful:

Homemade kimchi can be purchased at Kim’s Oriental Food at 3700 Superior.
Owner, Jong Kim offers the freshly-prepared salad every Wednesday; a factory
prepared version is always in his dairy case. Although kimchi is always a good
seller with his regular customers, recent publicity has increased sales
enormously, he says. “I have new people coming to my store from greater
Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown,” he says in halting English.

“They are first discovering what we have known all along. Kimchi keeps
your blood flowing and makes you healthy. I cannot live without kimchi; it has
so many nutrients and can prevent colds and flu.”

Kim’s kimchi sells for $7.99 for one half gallon and 11.99 for one gallon.

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