Friday, April 04, 2008

how will this impact Cleveland Clinic?

Anthem to stop paying for preventable errors - -- This is an interesting development: Anthem (Wellpoint) is stopping paying for erroneous procedures, poor care, and slipshod work. I would be curious to know how the larger institutions, like the Cleveland Clinic, will be financially affected by this withholding of payments. Will this eventually have a financial impact things like the plans for a medical mart?

Perhaps the effect will be so severe that they will begin to serve the Medicaid community once more, to make up for the loss of revenue. For those of you who aren't aware, the Cleveland Clinic opted out of serving the poor and less fortunate by opting out of the Medicaid HMOs last month, keeping the ER open to the poor as a token gesture of the Clinic's charitable intent, and thereby technically preserving their nonprofit status.

Another thing I'd really like to know is how much of the income of The Clinic is derived from being paid for poor work, things like operating on the wrong part of the wrong patient, leaving instruments inside people after operations, septic shock for staff and patients alike, urinary tract infections from forgotten catheters, pressure sores, and fractures compliments of the hospital stay?

We say around here we are in the health-care business. Actually, we are in the business of letting people get so sick and unhealthy that they require extraordinary methods to achieve normalcy once again. Is there more you can bill from treating the incredibly sick than you can for keeping people from getting sick? Is a hospital entitled to bill at all when they have in fact caused the problem for which they're billing?


  1. Look at this website I found on google last night. Look at what cleveland clinic did to a live transplant donor after they killed her kidney!!!

  2. The Clinic perturbs me, too. It doesn't put the patient first; it thinks it is more important than the individuals it serves, and more important than the community as a whole. This is backward and basically unnatural. None of us do well having a neighbor like this in our midst.