Saturday, April 05, 2008


Eejit: Northern Ohio's idiot wind -- I've been reading Frank Delaney's Tipperary lately, and in it he talks of things Irish, things that have emigrated to this area as well, like Home Rule, blatant exploitation of one class by another, and eejits. I began to wonder about the residency issue, and began thinking that anybody who would lobby to give up residency in a city that not only has Home Rule but also controls all the water is a fool, and should be allowed to go seek his or her fortune elsewhere.

With the water issue, Lee Fisher came to mind, and how he, too, is part of the gale-force idiot wind blowing though here, trying to position himself as the arbiter of good sense and the broker of water rights for political and economic gain. As is his wont, he was heavy-handed again, and that works to our benefit. He's not different from all your other politicians; his impatience just gets the better of him quicker.

And now you also have an inkling of why our politicians allowed one class, the lenders, to exploit the American neighborhoods as they did: If they, and foreign investors, own the majority of the land, and we are their indentured servants, they can dispose of their water any way they please.

We've already been exploited on things that make our machines go, like oil, and we've paid for it and continue to pay for it dearly. Don't let them disenfranchise us on water, one of the things that make people go.

Remember: Oil makes our machines go, water makes people go (We'll have to work on rephrasing that a bit.). And remember: In the Great Lakes region, we are sitting on top of a lot of fresh-water assets. We are valuable now for the same reason we were valuable 100 and 200 years ago: our "natural" heritage, as in natural assets.

Our "built" heritage is something we need to conserve, as well, and that's what the lenders have been going after and what they now sit on top of and hold, letting it lie fallow because our governments allow it. Are you starting to see the connections?

Natural heritage. Built heritage. What makes us great. What makes us valuable.

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