Monday, April 28, 2008

"green" comes to the cleaners

D.O. Summers Cleaners-- I'm shopping around for another dry cleaner/shirt laundry today. DiMauro's downtown went out of business, and their successor isn't quite panning out. D.O. Summers has a green take on cleaning that might be worth experiencing, especially if by doing so I will begin to "enjoy the lack of malevolent odor."

The company uses an environmentally friendly process free of perchloroethylene – a widely used dry-cleaning solvent known to be hazardous to the environment and a suspected carcinogen.

In contrast, the Environmentally Friendly CleanCare System D.O. Summers Cleaners utilizes is composed of a non-chlorinated liquid that is safe for both clothes and people. Even better, the system reconditions garments, restoring them to their original state. Another side benefit: clothes don’t have that unpleasant dry-cleaning odor! D.O. Summers Cleaners prides itself on being pioneers in cutting-edge dry-cleaning technology. Along with 13 other dry-cleaning companies across the United States who have formed an association, D.O. Summers Cleaners debuted its CleanCare System, harnessing modern technology and machinery newly developed by European manufacturers.

The gentler and healthier system employs a process that is safe on all fabrics and dry-cleanable items. Best of all, the company maintains competitive pricing on all services, despite its superior cleaning system. While it is considerably more expensive – several times the cost of perchloroethylene-based chemicals – D.O. Summers Cleaners customers definitely appreciate the difference it makes. They vouch for the superior cleanliness and feel of their dry-cleaned garments, and enjoy the lack of malevolent odor.

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