Sunday, April 27, 2008

"disturbed about the world's religions"

Armed man arrested at Georgia cathedral -- I just ran across this on the internet and wanted to share it. Last year, in October, we dropped by the Savannah cathedral on a Sunday and heard The Reverend Monsignor William O. O'Neill, V.F., recount the 4th anniversary story of his and the receptionist's confrontation with the arsonist doing his part to change organized religion. I took an immediate liking to him--the monsignor, that is--they don't make guys like this any more. The way he positioned his courtroom exchange with the arsonist's defense attorney was particularly refreshing.


  1. Tim since no one heard Father O'Neill's recollection of the exchange with the defense attorney I think that it should be related here.

    Defense attorney: Did you or did you not intimidate my client when you confronted him in the Cathedral sanctuary?

    Father: Yes, sir you are right I did intimidate him and I would do it again today if the situation arose because sir if I had not intimidated your client I would not be here today for you to ask me such an asinine question.

    Or some words to that effect. I vaguely recall the word damn in the exchange somewhere, but I am sure that my memory is probably faulty on that count.

    Father O'Neill then proceeded to tell us all sitting there that day that we must all stand up to our fears and be strong and confront those who are wrong because if not us who?

  2. thank you, madame--your memory is so much better than mine

  3. Thanks for posting this.
    Monsignor O'Neal was a total breath of fresh air for us when we lived in Savannah, and one of the biggest things we were sad about when we had to move, and what we miss the most.
    Anymore memories or anecdotes of him are welcomed!