Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Citizens' Symposium in Port Clinton

Primary Voices - Home -- I had the opportunity to speak at the Friday kickoff, in Port Clinton, of an all-Ohio forum and teach-in for citizens' participatory democracy. My session was "Stewardship and Financial Freedom."

After my formal, regulator-approved presentation, Gloria and I were able to pivot to a conference format and get really involved in what the people at our session were really interested in talking about. Briefly, their interests centered around conservation of all types of assets, freedom, truth, education, community dialogue, transparency, family, legacy, and finance. We had a great introductory discussion, but only scratched the surface.

Dr. Vernon Albright and his wife Mary, who pulled the whole thing together, are truly remarkable people based in Chicago. On the audio, you can hear his idea of reviving the town forum. We didn't get a chance to tell him much about Meet.The.Bloggers, but I'm sure we'll get around to it, as we review the after-effect of this weekend's Citizens Symposium.

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