Monday, April 07, 2008

Claddagh Irish Pub Locations --minus Westlake

Claddagh Irish Pub - Claddagh Irish Pub Locations -- I was scheduled to attend a workshop at the Crocker Park Claddagh tomorrow.

139 Crocker Park Boulevard
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 250-8680

This afternoon, our sponsors left a message that the workshop would not occur as scheduled, since the Westlake Claddagh location was no longer doing business. Has anybody else heard anything else about Crocker Park's numbers or tenants? The link says the main office of this Claddagh Development Group is in Solon; I don't know if that's the only group that operates Claddagh Irish Pubs.


  1. I have never even been to Crocker Park (it probably wasn't built yet) but I think we have been to the Claddagh Pub at Legacy village. it was pretty good if I recall. that is all I know about that!

  2. Years ago, didn't we, after one of your races or Geri's, go to a Claddagh somewhere that had open side walls and was huge? Was that at Polaris? Was it in another state? I can't remember.

  3. oh that was Fado's at Polaris in Columbus after one of Geri's races. That is one of our fave places in Atlanta, I blogged about it back in September. There used to be a Fado's in Cleveland, but I don't know if it is still there.

  4. Thanks, kiddo. I knew it was something Irish, but couldn't bring it up from
    the depths of memory.

  5. Crocker Park overall seems to be thriving, but that Claddagh never seemed to be as busy as the other places. It was in a weird location, across from CF but not terribly visible. The food is not all that great, either, compared to the other offerings there. Great patio, though. Wouldn't that be great if something local could make a go of it in that spot?

    There was a Hoggy's there near Champps, but it closed last year. Not sure what the story was there.
    There are two new (I think) local places there: Agave and a wine bar, neither of which I've tried yet, but which I look forward to trying.

  6. Thanks for the report, Lori--we don't get out there much any more. I get Claddagh confused sometimes with Fado, too.

    Good to hear, too, that the Stark investment is doing well overall.