Monday, April 21, 2008

another 24-hour place: Michael's Diner At Shaker Square

Michael's Diner At Shaker Square - Cleveland, OH 44120 -- This past Saturday, we took the blue line and then the green line (it was raining) out to see some friends at Shaker Square, in those condos taller than the Moreland Courts near the Coventry stop, and happened to notice another 24-hour establishment, Michael's Diner, right at the first stop coming out of downtown, at the north side of the square. There are three reviews at

The story behind the taller condos was that the builder, a Jewish man, was denied occupancy in the Moreland Courts some time in the 1940s or 1950s, so he took pains to construct his own building right across the street and to make it tall enough that he could look down on his rejectors. This area around Shaker Square continues to offer some of the most elegant cosmpolitan living available in this country. Years ago, in the mid-70s, when I lived on North Moreland (2635?), I was able to park the car in the apartment's garage-under, grab my bags, hop the rapid, and be out to the airport with less muss and fuss than I've experienced any time since.

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