Sunday, January 13, 2008

Villa y Zapata's new, second location

I wanted to make sure our girls knew that now, whenever they visit Cleveland, we can not only make the obligatory visit to the West Side Market but also go to Villa y Zapata for a burrito, some flan, or some cajeta, all without moving the car or getting on another bus.

Villa y Zapata has been one of our old standbys for over 20 years--we take out-of-town guests there, to the Madison Avenue location, because we think it's a unique place they won't find anyplace else. Now, there's a second location just to the north of the Market, on West 25th with another entrance from the market parking lot in the back.

The whole area around the West Side Market is getting to be a really good destination for restaurants. We can pick from Great Lakes Brewery, the West Side Market Cafe, The Angle, and now Villa y Zapata. And then, there's Tremont right down the street...


  1. that is so weird that you posted this b/c I was just thinking of that place the other day & thinking how long it's been since we went there. we will have to check out the new location next time we're in Cleveland!

  2. mmmm. way to make me hungry for good mexican food, dad.

  3. If you haven't been to the The Monastery, you should check it out too. It's a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and apart from having over 100 different kinds of tea, the food is really good.

  4. Christine, what used to be where the Monastery is now, and how long has the Monastery been open? We just noticed it yesterday.

  5. That's very good news to me.

    My hope is that keep the relaxed, family-driven atmo and pick up the nutritional nature just.a.touch.

  6. Jeff, the food seemed better than ever--rice, beans, burrito with shredded beef. If you just tell them hold the cheese, a lot of the nutritional problems are solved, I would expect.

    How does a restaurant certify that it uses "all natural" as much as possible, and avoids the refined, pasteurized, hydrolized, fructose-dosed, and so forth?