Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lev Bytes, & pancake makeup

Bytes From Lev: ICF Announces the 2008 Top Seven Intelligent Commuities of the Year --It's hard to believe sometimes, when you live inside the mess, but NEO is truly a progressive, top-seven intelligent community. This is some fantastic news, proferred for our delectation by Lev Gonick. Personally, I find it very gratifying and reassuring--nay, energizing--to be included in such company, along with Seoul, Scotland, Westchester, and NC.

Let's forget from here on in that necessity has been the mother of invention, and drive on.

Remember, though, to listen to the new voices, and make new choices, as that lavishly funded campaign exhorted us to do just a short while ago. Pay no attention to the old men behind the curtains, leaking money in a last-ditch effort to cosmetically cover over and compromise the new growth that's disenfranchising them. Let the Lev Bytes show.

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