Thursday, January 31, 2008

I got rolling and I missed it: Tet +40

Yesterday, January 30th, was the 40th anniversary of the Tet Offensive, which event changed a lot of lives in our generation. In retrospect, I view the whole thing as an overall positive, the start of many unintended and unintentional adventures.

Without Tet, I would have started my working career after college as a PR/advertising man for General Motors, I never would have gone to live in Massachusetts or Georgia, Kansas, and Korea, never jumped from airplanes, never had so much exposure to weapons and explosives, never started to thing about things tactically and strategically, and I probably never would have met half the wild and crazy crew that now comprise my past. Our friend Joe Foley has spoken about how war disrupts and remixes the population from his point of view as one of the WWII generation, and we experienced much the same thing as we were drawn to participate in the festivities surrounding our country's escapades in the RVN.

Anyway, I am now seeing Tet in a new light; yesterday, too, was the 67th birthday of Dick Cheney, and it's really a stretch for me to begin to view that as an overall positive. Remember, Dick was the guy who "had better things to do" when all the rest of us were scrambling in the wake of Tet. Everyone, please remember.

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