Friday, January 18, 2008

getting in touch with my inner Earth Mother

This compelling offer just arrived this morning from Nightingale-Conant as part of my motivational quote of the day, and it struck me as funny. Just yesterday, I was toying with adopting.

No matter your sex or your age, you can still give birth. Giving birth to a new self is a goal that most people seek, but few accomplish. Use the fresh start of this year to improve just one thing about yourself — your charisma. Charisma is perhaps the one elusive character trait that positively impacts your entire world. When you’re charismatic, people gravitate to you, open doors for you, and help to make your life the best it can be. Dr. Tony Alessandra teaches you how to live a more charismatic life.

"A person's main task in life is to give birth to oneself."
— Erich Fromm: Was a psychoanalyst and philosopher

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