Friday, January 25, 2008

the Brewed Fresh Doily finds a home

At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee - New York Times -- I understand that our friend George is sending the owner of this high-end coffee brewer a gross of Brewed Fresh Doilies to put under his high-end cups and saucers.

Lots of coffee buzzwords here: noble, delicate, sweeter, juicier, moussey, majestic, titillating, floral, sexy, kaleidoscopic, and jammy. To the extent the effete-yet-wired coffee-snob parlance borrows freely from other sensate experiences, it seems akin to the extravagances we studied among the early enthusiasts of wine and cheese, the gentle hedonists. Enjoy; I found the article sort of hilarious, with sort of a nutty bouquet. I love the bit about “If you just want equipment you’re not ready.” I'm sure we'll see the line surface on SNL some day soon. I would have written it for Mango.

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