Saturday, January 19, 2008

MTB reunion, and convergence

Last night, Madame Gloria and I took a ride over to 44111 in the Kamms Corners area to chat with Rosemary Palmer and Paul Hackett, who came up from down by the river to help open the new Palmer campaign office at 15735 Lorain. Both are MeetTheBloggers alumni, Paul back in the day when both a podcast and a transcript were part of the standard offering, Rosemary far more recently.

One thing I remarked at the end of the evening was that we certainly had grown some interesting new groups of friends. The other candidates may have the support of the other local politicians, the unions, and all the other intrenched interests that essentially have gotten us to where we are today, but the people we spent 4 hours with yesterday are interesting, impassioned, outraged, and genuine and human. They're our neighbors. They're speaking out against the same structure that has disadvantaged you and me.

Beyond the HopeMobile, outside 44111, the quibbling and niggling proceeded amain, and the Weenie Wars raged on.


  1. Weenie wars is right--wow, who needs to make these guys look bad? They do such a good job of it on their own. Yet, will voters vote weenie?

  2. To answer your question, they have for a good while, and it seems it will take an act of God to prevent their doing it again. I pray for divine intervention daily, at a minimum.