Monday, January 07, 2008

just clicked over the 600-contact mark on Linked In

I just got an email acceptance of a Linked In invitation I had sent out months ago, and it put me over the 600 mark. Should I now send a card to Frank Warren over at PostSecret telling everybody  how I REALLY feel about that?


  1. I never was a big fan of LI, until I landed my position at Optiem by responding to an "we're looking for a..." email sent thru it. More and more people are finding work/clients thru social media sites.

    Besides, you can't tell us you're going to send a secret to PS. It's not a secret then.

  2. Tim, 600?
    George- Good Luck..Kick some butt at Opt.

  3. franpro, are you surprised that 600people find me cute, or attactive, or are at least not ashamed to hang out with me? Out with it now, please!

    George, what's this Optiem thing? Is there some sort of formal announcement I missed? And kicking butts--I thought you were one of those Zen types...

  4. and how has it helped you out, those 600 ?

  5. Don't really know--can't quantify in traditional metrics. I can only be vague.

    It does help me keep track of changes in all their statuses, when they post the change to their profile. It does show me to whom they're attracted, and how they choose to link themselves. It's a great thought tool.

    I suspect it is like always having a line in the water or a little image ad posted. It pops up in Google. It gives me a presence, and my "linkees" may benefit from that, too.

    Not much valuable really happens directly...

  6. geez dad, you have more friends than i have myspace friends.

  7. Yes, life is not fair, since I'm nowhere near as pretty as you, either.