Friday, January 26, 2007

through George, through Chris Corrigan: Art Of Hosting - The Principles

Art Of Hosting - The Principles--Here's a killer blogsite that came to my attention through George Nemeth and through Chris Corrigan, whom George has linked to a bit lately. Maybe I'm just dazzled or starstruck with all the new awarenesses or consciousnesses that are popping up out there, but here's another really good one, one that frames the practice as "hosting," and all of them seem to somehow be speaking in the same voice, or singing the same tune.


  1. TIm...this stuff s actually hitting the ground in a profound way near you (I assume you are in Ohio). In Columbus the Columbus Medical Association is hosting the art of hosting to transform the health care system for the entire community in Franklin County. They have been at it for a while. If you're curious about how these methodologies work on the ground for large scale change, give them a ring.

    Also in March in Bowling Green, there is a conference with many of these practitioners there, so Ohio is rocking.

  2. Chris, thanks for the heads up. I'm glad George brought you to my attention. I have an office down in Worthington, which is the northern part of Franklin County, and I'll be there Wednesday and try to get some contacts made. I appreciate your help.