Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Burke Lakefront, and WORTH Magazine

WORTH Magazine and The Robb Report spend a lot of time and printspace talking about private personal and corporate aircraft. The January 2007 WORTH on page 78 addresses the issue of how "today's private jet owners seek to manage soaring costs by scrutinizing the maintenance and operation of their own aircraft." I'd link to the article if I could, but I can't.

It's been occurring to me that Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) is an idea whose time has finally come. What other city has a jetport so close to its downtown with its best restaurants and classiest hotels? What better way could there be to do business, with your plane in such close proximity? I don't know that I'd fly in to negotiate any deals with any of the current leadership here, but I would make it a sort of "third place" for dealmakers, outside the major financial centers like NYC and San Francisco.

One problem may be the marketing. Going to the BKL page, there's really no mention of what sort of corporate jets may be accommodated, and clicking on the Cleveland Hotels link gives us a bunch of Baymonts and Days Inns. The city's continuing to fumble the ball on this one, and you wonder, after all these years, whether it's intentional, whether they systematically waste the opportunity, and the asset, by neglecting to do even minimal promotion. What are their other designs for the airport land? Who's supposed to get this unique asset when the city gives up on what it never really started?

How many outsiders know about the capacities or proximities or amenities of Burke?

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