Monday, January 22, 2007

doggie dinner

Make your own bulgogi at home - Slashfood--When I worked for the US occupation/expeditionary forces over in Korea in the early '70s, the goon chiefs (village officials) once invited us Ugly Americans downtown, brought in the dancing girls, got us all cranked up on beer and rice wine, and fed us the greatest bulgogi, but then told us in the middle of the meal that our marinated feast was dog-based, not beef-based. Some of my compatriots blew chunks; others smiled wryly and put down their chopsticks; I called their bluff and asked for more. It's all in the marinade and the tenderizing.

Now, where in the Cleveland area can we score some kimchee/kimchi that doesn't have all sorts of salt and MSG in it as preservative? All the stuff we see in the stores around here comes out of Chicago or New York and has way too much in the way of additives and preservatives. Kimchee is one of the best accompaniments to bulgogi, and both of them together will keep you well all winter.

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