Sunday, January 28, 2007

revisiting Kurosawa's Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia--I haven't seen this flick in over 40 years but decided to experience it again this weekend. Warrior things have been on my mind lately. The film still holds up; it's a remarkable and incredible piece of work. Actually, it's even better now because you can watch it on DVD and concentrate and appreciate it. The last time I tried to view it was in a movie theatre packed with others who, like me, were afflicted with cases of raging adolescent hormones and did lots of strange things during the subtle scenes. If you have 3+ hours for the show itself and another 2-3 for the commentary, it's a great experience for a snowy day. We didn't realize, back in the '60s and before the advent of the spaghetti Western, how much the lead samurai, Takashi Shimura, looked like Lee Van Cleef.

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