Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday: catching up on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: Tim Ferris--Today was the sort of day to catch up on software and databases. I installed speech recognition software in XP and amused myself as it failed to understand me--just like adding another member of the family.

I also surveyed my realm after over three years of collecting names, beginning with a re-focus on community-based data in July of 2003. My LinkedIn connections are now approaching 400--my public profile's at I used to think that people with that many connections were promiscuous networkers or insincere accumulators or just plain old obsessive-compulsive, but after a while of hanging out, you just happen to accumulate a good load of links. I still happen to think LinkedIn will have some usefulness down the road, but I've backed off Ryze, and I'm scared to death of MySpace. Other computer social or business networking attempts have come up short or even been darned annoying, and I can't even remember what most of them were right now, except for Konnects, the truly annoying one.

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