Monday, January 29, 2007

Gypsy Beans lives the life, walks the walk, talks the talk

Gypsy Beans & Bakery in the Gordon Square Arts District in the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood (Cleveland, Ohio)--I just clicked through the MTB ad network to this new website and was heartened to note, on their home page, that they're advocates of what Uncle Norm has tagged as "local production for local consumption."

Please note they also offer free wifi, but you have to ask them for access first. Only after that can you do what the suburban commuters do in Tremont: Go park in the lot, use the free wifi, and not buy anything from the merchant. We first ran into this freeloader, freerider phenomenon over at Scoops last year.

There's no mention of wifi on the Gypsy Beans site right now, but I'm sure that will be forthcoming.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit the other night to Gypsy Beans for the Meet The Bloggers event with Jim Rokakis and plan on making it a regular stop on the near westside.

  2. Wendell, we're gravitating towards Detroit and 65th as our preferred meeting spot. George has also recently designated The Happy Dog as the place we're having the Cleveland Weblogger Meetups, now that the Town Fryer is closing. It's difficult to find a place that serves coffee and alcohol, has a respectable and reasonably priced food menu, accommodates groups without reservations, and may have wifi available. Down in the Research Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, in NC) this sort of thing is actually a business model--I think I'll post on this phenomenon soon.