Monday, January 15, 2007

so who's in the dark ages, really?

University Circle Blog - Friends of the University Neighborhood--I just had to drop what follows as a comment on the cheerleading going on at the University Circle blog for the misnomer corridor, where people have the opportunity to whiz through Cleveland without ever having a Cleveland resident breathe on them. EEEEWWW! Here's my comment:

I don't believe the Opportunity (for whom?) Boulevard (?) is a good answer either. Increasing bus riders and rapid riders is. Increasing Cleveland residency is. Making it quicker and easier for people to drive blithely through established Cleveland neighborhoods isn't; suburban people working in a host city should conform to the city; the city should not have to conform to the fact that the suburbanites have made impractical decisions about where they live and where they work. Nor should we have to economically support their distaste for mixing with native Clevelanders; we should not subsidize racial, ethnic, and social intolerance. Having neighborhoods with all social strata and all income levels, much like a small town, would have the effect of reducing the need for heroic roadbuilding. Let's get real, for a change. Our common financial resources are not unlimited. Work with making incremental, sensible, economical improvements to the rich city we already have.

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  1. Here's a piece from Norm Roulet about Ed Hauser, ODOT, and Gordon Proctor--worth the read--