Friday, June 13, 2008

Why is this blogsite hanging? Did SiteMeter sell me out?

For the past few days, this blogsite has been hanging up everybody who comes here. It started the day we posted the foreign-language renditions of commentary on Ohio's HB 477.

Toodling around the internet, I've found similar problems occurring over the past year for others due to something called, which they say was introduced by Sitemeter, which we used until yesterday. Here's the story and the supposed cure for the malady:

I could actually see the come in and take over the page loading process, so I got rid of its cookies and Sitemeter as well. Everything worked for a while.

Now, it's all hanging up all over again. Well-wishers are emailing me to say that, having entered here, they've abandoned all hope and will follow my progress even more vicariously than before, from other perspectives, in other ways, safely.

If anybody has some suggestions, and can post a comment here, I'd appreciate help finding a work-around. If you can't post, the I am emailable at


  1. hey it seems to be working ok now! I hope by getting rid of that sitemeter stuff that it will work again!
    I feel bad for you--if my blog got messed up I would be so sad!

  2. thanks, moey--it's on again, off again--seems to be an IE7 problem--Mozilla seems to be functioning OK, and with Mozilla/Firefox, I was able to block that and its legion of variants

  3. we have been using Mozilla mostly on the Apple. your site seems to be working fine!!