Sunday, June 29, 2008

on Euclid Avenue: liquor license coming soon

Yesterday morning I took a walk around the Euclid Avenue construction area from Playhouse Square down to Public Square, and did so in relative solitude. I did note a number of signs for hope, and a few signs of life, still, most notably at the Playhouse Square store of our friend Mike Lang at 1275 Euclid.

In the midst of the mess, among the orange barrels held together with orange barrier netting, his entrepreneurial bray of defiance rang forth from the front of his men's clothing establishment with three feisty signs, reading left to right--

  1. Fine! Stay at Home! Free UPS Delivery.
  2. Free Parking. Call 216-771-4197.
  3. Liquor License coming soon. Drink your lunch and then shop. Every clothing item 20-50% off.

I've been teetotaling a good while now, but I do need to score some Kenneth Gordon shirts and a new lightweight suit. It's good to do business with local merchants with a sense of humor. It's also fun to walk about in the middle of a transformation. Go see Mike before the transformation's done.

1 comment:

  1. And Mike came back by email with this reply:

    It was brave of you to negotiate the orange barrels! They have done wonders for my business!

    Thanks for the blog. I’ll take any kind of advertising that I can get!

    The bar will be operational this week. Playhouse Square appealed to the Bureau of Liquor Control for more licenses in the area, so after 15 months of working on this, it’s all set. I figured that I could have office parties at the store, with extra discounts on the clothing.

    The folks at the Bureau in Columbus were very helpful and had never heard of this kind of venue.

    I had to be creative to stay alive!