Sunday, June 01, 2008

B movie of the week: The Boondock Saints

Netflix downloads are becoming a staple of our weekend. B movies have taken the place of drinking through the wee hours. Earlier this morning, The Boondock Saints graced our screen. Gloria thinks it may set some sort of record for the most gratuitous use of the F-word, but I think it may have been surpassed by another early-morning Netflix download about a post-nuclear Elvis impersonator and samurai on his way across the wasteland to Las Vegas, Six String Samurai.

Such comparisons aside, The Boondock Saints is some good entertainment. I guess there's an active argument going on as to whether it qualifies as a cult classic, but that misses the point: The film's a hoot. The two brothers McManus, Billy Connolly as Il Duce, who turns out the be their long-lost dad, Willem Dafoe camping and then in drag, it's all just too incredible. The film walks a thin line and bounces between horror and humor. The Wikipedia write-up covers a lot of ground.

Download it tonight, out of earshot of the little ones.


  1. yikes, way to give away a huge plot turn there...

  2. you're right--duh to myself--sorry

    to console myself for my thoughtless indiscretion, I have taken some slight comfort in the fact that the same tidbits are offered up on Wikipedia and in other places

  3. Speaking of Wikipedia--
    So, which are you? The kickboxer!

  4. No, the kickboxer kid from Princeton University is the more sibilant Tim, and comes with an additional "s" appended to the last name. The other Tim Ferris is the former writer for ROLLING STONE, now living in San Francisco, writing, speaking, and teaching.

    I am the father of two.

  5. effin' right i am.
    i told my friend about your post tonight while flicking through channels. he told me, to tell you, to check out lock, stock, and two smoking barrels.