Friday, June 27, 2008

we have a biker in the family, and it's a good thing

Toad & MO: Bermuda National Championships -- Our son-in-law and Bermuda citizen Geri Mewett (he's the one in the black and red outfit) has won the 2008 Bermuda National Championships. It was a 60-mile race. I'm curious how long the course was--all the islands together are only 20 square miles.


  1. thanks for the shout out Dad! the race course is out around the airport, consisting of 12 five mile laps. the government won't let them actually race on the roads b/c it is deemed too dangerous, as the cyclists would be going faster than the vehicles!

  2. thanks for clearing that up--I really did want to know--who's "Old Limey Uncle" over on your blog?

  3. that is actually Geri's OLd Limey Uncle! aka his Uncle Keith in England. He's not THAT old, but he is British (limey) and he is his uncle.