Saturday, June 21, 2008

my Saturday night pastime

I live in Cleveland and run a business out of Cleveland. Because it seems
we're largely self-help around here these days, this is how my neighbors and
I spend our Saturday night. This email is an alert about the Charter
Review, about how the dialogue's stifled and the process is rolling down the
track without much transparency, reporting, or public input. Pardon the
mixed metaphors, but it's my Saturday night, and I'll do with it as I

Our neighbor Ed Pryll is a government employee and a member of the Civil
Service Review Board (I think I got that right). He's on the Charter Review
Committee. He sent me this email this afternoon and asked me to get it out
to my list:


The following message is VERY IMPORTANT, especially to the residents of the
City of Cleveland who will be voting this November.The Cleveland Charter
Review Commission has been in session since Feb.2008, yet very little has
been made public as to what has transpired@ these meetings!

Why hasn't there been more media attention made about this commission?The
Charter Review Commission only meets every 20,TWENTY, years.This will be a
very important decision that will affect the lives of all the citizens of
Cleveland. Why were there only 600,six-hundred, flyers made for handouts
to almost 400,000 residents? Is the city afraid to divulge the TRUTH? Why
is it the Plain Dealer only covered the downsizing of City-Council? Are they
not interested in the entire Charter Review?
It is IMPERATIVE the residents of the City of Cleveland attend the following
informational meetings,i f they are to have any say in their future. The
next public hearing will be @ The Gunning Rec Center 16700 Puritas from
6;30-8;30P.M. Following that will be a meeting @ the Harvard Community
Center,18240 Harvard Ave.I invite all to attend.

--Ed Pryll, Jr.


Another neighbor, Bill Callahan, is also on the Charter Review Commission
and keeps up a running commentary on what is, and isn't, going on. Here's a
link to his blog:

There's a posting and directions on, as well as a link to Henry
Gomez' PD blurb of a few days ago.

As Ed said, this is IMPORTANT stuff, and we don't want to see it get short

--Tim Ferris

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