Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jill at WLST heralds the demise of the party system

#comment-86428#comment-86428#comment-86428#comment-86428 -- Jill brings up a critical point about improving, and protecting, the public dialogue. She quotes Richard Harwood on the phenomenon of the new leadership style emerging, which of necessity has become nonpartisan. The parties as they evolved have outlived their usefulness and overshot their mark. They've become the antithesis of what they started out to be.


  1. Thanks, Tim.

    What absolutely still and always angers and frustrates me is how this is not news - this is something we know - what Harwood describes. He isn't the first and won't be the last - he is recognizing, giving voice, to what people should do - to what is right. How did the practice he describes in that passage get so lost so put aside and ignored and ALLOWED by voters to get ignored in exchange for what? for what??

    Again - I feel that it goes back to fear. Fear fear fear.

    I hate fear. I fear plenty of things but I make myself fear whatever it is I fear. No one makes me feel fear unless I let them.

    Why do people allow themselves to get so scared by things that actually have no basis in reality?

    Ok - rambling commenter Jill is going now.


  2. It also goes back to stifling the dialogue, or hijacking the dialogue, or torquing the dialog. Even absent fear, when we speak the truth, quite often we don't have access to an audience that can make a difference.

    We need to keep on plugging; we're gaining momentum, or reaching a point of critical mass, or approaching the tipping point.

    Take heart. Don't be angry. Be effective, deadly efficient, cold in the application of your craft.