Saturday, March 08, 2008

the Artful Dodger war wimps are at it again, now as Benedict Arnold CEOs

War profiteering by tax dodge - The Boston Globe -- I follow the GLOBE because of my ties to the New England community--we still have a lot of friends there, and my daily coaching partner is a wirehouse broker who works in the middle of Boston. The GLOBE has surfaced some evidence of the two-faced double-dealing (is that redundant or emphatic?) swirling around Dick Cheney and his assorted band of war wimps, those guys who never served themselves yet continue to promote the war and profit from it at the same time. I have a problem with his draft-dodging back in the '60s--remember his comment that he "had better things to do," and that's why he felt it was OK that the rest of us could go stand in for him. Now, taking a page from Prescott Bush's playbook, here comes Cheney with war profiteering, with emphasis on reaping the benefits of military contracts while fattening the bottom line by not paying back into the American social systems. This is just too clever for words. I guess, once again, he's decided he has better things to do, this time with the money that should be cycling back through our social systems.

Here's the big question: Should we all begin to follow his lead, or should we close the war-wimps' loopholes?

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