Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet the Bloggers, and Welcome to the Pakistani Bloggers

Meet the Pakistani Bloggers: Welcome to the Pakistani Bloggers -- One of the 24 people in our MeetTheBloggers discussion group today started a blog right after we turned off the mikes. This, I think, is a first!

Most of the people there today were foreign nationals/IT specialists working for or about to work for American embassy interests; they came to us compliments of the State Department and Jeanne Romanoff of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs.

Local representation included Roger Bundy, Angela Shuckahosee, Len Steinbach, Jeff Buster, Rick Weiss, Gloria, and me. It was a good conversation which should be posted soon over at MTB.

I need to mention the facility: The Marriott Residence Inn over at the old Colonial Arcade, between Euclid and Prospect. The meeting rooms, the staff, and the amenities were a notch above what we usually see elsewhere. Put it high on the pick list for your next meeting.

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