Sunday, March 16, 2008

lest we forget: all foreign-policy experience is not positive

For Democrats, Increased Fears of a Long Fight - New York Times -- I see that Hillary Clinton is trying to lay claim to having foreign policy credentials superior to those of Obama--but let's just remember what Henry Kissinger said about her husband's traitorous sellout in Somalia, when the Rangers got mutilated and dragged through the streets, and he did nothing. As a former infantry officer (1969-1975), I couldn't believe Bill was so lacking in the ideals that at one time made this country great, the ideals that led most of us to serve during that other insane, senseless, hopelessly politicized conflict in Viet Nam.

This sort of unprincipled behavior may well have enabled all the aggressions against the US that followed.

Then, let's revisit his limp handling of the USS Cole incident in Yemen. Aw, what the heck, just go here and get a quick refresher on the triumph of personal political expedience over national integrity.

And, please, don't let Hillary get away with putting forth the impression that she has any good foreign-policy credentials that would benefit the country. Like her husband, she would see which way the wind blew and take care of her personal political aspirations first, her husband's and her business interests second, and perhaps get around to the national interests somewhere after that.

And, since we're talking about business interests, who are the Clintons' business partners, as evidenced on their tax returns, and otherwise? We don't know yet, do we?

Her campaign says they are prepared to go public April 15th, nearly a month away, but what's all the suspense? All they should have to do is to go to their files, and just be forthcoming.


  1. Dear Sir,

    As the father of one of those murdered sailors, FN Gary G. Swenchonis, Jr I agree completely with your article. Last week we just mailed our senators, and congresspeople a request for a conngressional hearing of the pretense of an investigation, and the trial. And our conntrys continued support for the Yemeni regime which aids and abtes terrorism. My web page is: Thank-you for reminding people of the USS Cole Attack, Gary G. Swenchonis, Sr

  2. I'm glad you found me. Not everybody has paid the price you have--yet. They need to wise up. We all need to take our country back.