Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the debut of Peterman's Eye

Sweet Smell of Pig Peterman's Eye -- One of our older Hoya boys is J. Peterman, down in Lexington (Kentucky, that is). He's an entrepreneur whose progress, and ups and downs, I've followed for years. He's an arbiter of taste, a connoisseur, and an incredibly curious Renaissance man; the Jesuits built us all on the same basic frame, so now we have a worldwide mutual admiration society; we like us. We may not always be totally right, or politically acceptable, but we're all pretty much on the same page and share common mythologies. There's a camaraderie in having been raised by Jesuits. I'd imagine Romulus and Remus would tell you just about the same thing.

Check out Peterman's Eye. (John has built his business on his "eye" for what we all want, knowing intuitively, instinctively, and just somehow what merchandise looks like in the Platonic world of forms.) Peterman's Eye is a combo effort at interactive blog, news aggregation, and topical research. I think he's doing whatever he wants to do, which is pretty much what I do here, for the most part, as the spirit moves me. It's salutary.

Welcome, J., to the blogosphere. Do you think it's time for you to MeetTheBloggers?

While you're at it, check out the mission statement, or purpose:

About Us

My aim is to build a marketplace for ideas. A place where we can educate, entertain and discuss with each other topics we find interesting.

I'll lay out some thoughts, you join in, points of view will accumulate and alter, new topics of interest will emerge...

I don't know where it will all lead. But I'm confident there will be a certain feeling of creditability and openness. A wonderful chaos where actual facts and real opinions collide without apology.

(Frankly, the "media landscape," as they say, has gotten a bit loud. Most traditional outlets want us to believe they are unbiased. Some Internet voices want us to believe they alone hold the truth. And, sometimes search engines feel like mousetraps shuffling us endlessly here and there.)

I've traveled a lot over the years. Met lots of folks, from ranchers to maharajas. Made lots of mistakes. Laughed. Argued. Learned, a lot. Been lucky, but mostly curious. Pull up a chair; I'm sure we can find something interesting to discuss together.

"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples," G.B. Shaw said, "then you and I still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."


[J. Peterman]

Peterman's Eye
1001 Primrose Court
Lexington, Kentucky 40511


  1. Yes I say let's have MTB's interview him! And btw, now I feel like I need to watch Seinfeld!

  2. Hey Tim,

    I'm out trolling the web and found your post on some of our endeavors at J. Peterman Company. Thank you for the references and kind words.

    Now that Petermans's Eye has a few weeks under it's belt, I'd love to know what you think about our maiden voyage into the blog waters.

    I look forward to talking with you.


    Jonathan Sexton
    Direct of Marketing | The J. Peterman Company

  3. Peterman's Black Eye~ I enjoyed being a customer of J Petermans for a very long time well into the early 90s. When I saw Peterman's Eye , and its topics, I was excited because it was innovative and interesting. I was hesitant to post because of the few posters who seem to dominate the site. I thought..what the heck.. some of the topics drew me to comment. If I kept my comments to the topic it would be enjoyable. I was not there a day or two when one poster stated, you are not talking to you hate me. Here is where the engagement of chit chat and power struggle of a minature group of wannabees set in lead by a Queen Bee and her court. It all culminated in vile name calling harrassment, insults to people with autism, and Peterman's site breaking its own agreement by allowing harrassment and use of foul language. I contacted Peterman's office and got a nice return call from Peterman the son... Smooth talking, acting as if he wanted to resolve matters. I was to get a response the following day after he talked with his father and his crew.. It turned out nothing was done. I believe Mr. Sexton was perhaps the person behind all this. Never in my life had I seen a retail company set up a reality show on a retail site and allow it to degenerate into harassment and vile name calling and allowed it to continue. I have to say the concept of the topics and discussion was a great idea and very clever presentation, I enjoyed it... But the trite chit chat on its site with a few who dominate the board as if they are some sort of experts and get violent when a new person arrives with different and new ideas, ruined the entire concept. JPeterman & company allowed it. Now they have a photo contest because they are not getting new people to participate... They are desperate. One year and the same names as regulars? Does Sexton and Staff not get it? I asked for all my posts to be removed since peterman refused to apologize publically..he only did so privately thinking this matter would go away if the poster left. Now he has a travel agency, hoping the regulars will increase and people would want to be with these basically self centered and violent wannabees. A year is a long time and the regulars have not really increased. Who would want to travel with them? The women cyber dance in cyber bikinis on cyber sail boats, self proclaimed expertise in everything with no real background, grant each other tiaras as Queen of the blog, and the old men are passified by the lull of their voices proclaiming him the sage Yoda of travel. I have travelled all over the world for 40 yrs, I doubt I would want to be in the company of such sad lives who live daily on its blog and who use vile language (which has been removed ony after a month of complaints). This all culminated in my not only leaving the board, but asking Jpeterman to stop sending me their catalogues and email after 14 yrs of being a customer. I guess that is what the young peterman and Sexton feel about their customers. Its a shame because it was a great company and the information on the Petermans eye is interesting and thought provoking, but the company they keep on the day to day chit chat is way destructive and low class. I wish the best for the company. The father was a unique man and with morals.. I guess the new generation can't fill those shoes when it comes to class and morality. Next time listen to your long time customers. Any retailer can tell you that. As it is Petermans Black Eye will live on. Happy trails to their cyber fantasies. This former Peterman customer is taking our $$ elsewhere. Lets hope John and young Peterman will learn to be man enough to apologize for their site using vile names towards their customers private parts . Real men do not allow such behavior, perhaps why J Petermans shoes can't be filled by the next generation. Mr Peterman Jr..that public apology could have gone a long way. I can't imagine any woman of class involving herself with your site under the conditions you allowed.

  4. Pleasantly, it all sounds like such good internet fun. You speak of the father in the past tense. We share an alumni connection, and I am curious as to his welfare.

  5. I hope the father is well too. He had a great idea and business.. too bad his son runs it like a brothel. Fun is not calling women by their private parts in crude terms. You feel that is fun? the name calling and harrassment was crude and bullying.. no fun.. I guess you approve of women being referred to as their private parts? I hope the Peterman the elder is fine. His business was not run like this... The concept is fine but the fun is at the side of bullies and people who are trashy potty mouths. I hate to think your catholic univeristy taught you this as fun. I feel people need to know how this Petermans black eye is being run. If its fun...why are there no real numbers in new names who post? After a year? I don't recommend the participate... only to read... It is unusual and interesting.. Do you call your wife or mother by their privates in a foul way? is that fuN? Just curious. It has since been removed after I complained it took phone calls... What parent wants their child to read something like that? Peterman or Sexton can apologize publicly for allowing it to happen for over a month. Peterman did privately but refused to do it publicly...that tells you the kind of character he has and the level of his new site. He broke his own terms of agreement.

  6. I'd surmise that lots of people have fun just pushing your buttons. I try really hard not to find pleasure in that sort of things, or in pulling the wings off flies, but sometimes, I'm overwhelmed.

    You, though, seem to be a whack job, and not necessarily pleasantly eccentric; you seem to be the sort who invites abuse, and perhaps even welcomes it. Maybe it is something that punctuates an otherwise dull day.

    At our Roman Catholic college, some felt that women were an occasion of sin, and some embraced the concept. What we call what we love is our prerogative, and we must live with the consequences, as you must live with the consequences of your comments, too.

  7. Whack Job.. cute.. lets see a woman who does not like being called a "explicative" is a whack job.. Before you support a business you should check it out. As Petermans Black Eye must too.. So you approve of women of character to be called vulgar names regarding their privates.. does that include your mother? wife? Or is that a different story.. No .. no one invites such lack of civility...Petermans Eye invited criticism for their not tending to it... they earned it... If you can't discuss without referring to women in such language,I would say that is a whack job. Perhaps if Petermans black eye would apologies like real men should, they too would have their forum look like a whack job of the same people about a dozen..that is all for an entire year. My Catholic school would not approve of such language or behavior. You don't seem very honorable... so? I am very pleasant but I will not allow a company to encourage people to call women by vulgar names regarding their privates... that is a whack job if I heard one... and they should listen to complaints...they brought it on themselves.... Sexton and younger Peterman

    IT is not your perogative when its public..and when a company breaks its own posting terms of says a lot about the company and its executives... and its our perogative to tell the public of the reality experienced on their public site. Wouldn't you say...? You don't expect a women to have an apology when vularities are used in public? Hmmm Maybe you do fit in to the crowd.. its your perogative.

  8. let me add.. Pleasantly Eccentric is the title of my upcoming book on being a woman on the autism spectrum. I thought you would like to know... I have never complained publicly before about a business until now.. I hated todo so because I have enjoyed being a customer with J Peterman since 95...I have severed all retail relationships with them.... and I am 58 this year. Read up on autism..

  9. Are you sure you want to use the word "explicative"? Something that is explicative serves to explain, or is explanatory.

    Would you want to try "expletive," as in "expletive deleted," or in your case, not mentioned at all?

    What in the world was it, that would set you off so? Was it untrue, or just vulgar?

  10. Good luck with your book. Want to be one of my Facebook friends? I'm following your blog now.

  11. thank you for the well wishes on my book. Its so desperately needed for women on the autistic spectrum..we are underdiagnosed because we hide it well... one of our challenges is social exchange.. I am extremely good at it compared to most aspies but still have my challenges to bear. The book is to give an insight into the life of a female aspie who is quite happy and successful... Autistic people need hope, encouragement, understanding, and role models. Thanks for the well wishes on the book.. and I don't use vulgarities in it ;) Autistic people believe in rules.. Cheers.. You can go to My space...
    or to

    I am the executive director.. world wide association of women and children on the autistic spectrum.
    I keep my personal facebook and myspace private to limited friends..

  12. Sorry for the wrong word.. no reading glasses at the time... As for why it started...long story... but it was initiated by two women who were bascially mean girl bullies and latched on when I said I was an aspergers female. It was the women mostly..who lead it and two who lacked education. One of the women who tends to be very brazen was the one who blatantly called me the vulgar word. This was a classic example of how autistic children are treated in schools. These actually 3 women acted accordingly to the statistics. Peterman's Black Eye ignored it, even the word. Left it on for a month, which was against their agreement policy which they signed.