Tuesday, March 11, 2008

prurient interest in the value proposition

Spitzer Linked To Prostitution Ring by Wiretap - washingtonpost.com -- It's part prurient interest on my part, part an inquiry into the value "proposition" of the service, but what makes it possible for this sort of traffic to demand $5,500 an hour? Is it exceptional skill? Being unique or exotic? The triumph of branding over substance? Saying the right words at the right time?

Are our politicians more flawed than the population at large? Do they have more opportunities to fall from grace? Does the nature of their business attract those inclined toward dishonesty and corruption? Have we funded studies on the social pathologies surrounding professions? I think it would be interesting, perhaps revealing.

Today, I can post this little something about Eliot Spitzer without fear of reprisal or retaliation or special surveillance or excess scrutiny. I hope.


  1. I wonder why the wiretap. It certainly couldn't have simply been to catch him in "the act" as it were.