Friday, March 21, 2008

"imminently capable"

ZDNet eMachines T5246 Review & Comparison -- Ah, we can apply that tag to so much around here these days --"imminently capable." Just about to be capable. Getting around to being capable. Capability is imminent. Capability, coming soon.

Do you think they meant "eminently capable"?

Here's the context, from Ziff-Davis, and the emphasis is mine:

The good: Full-fledged Windows Vista PC for less than $500; largest hard drive in its price category.
The bad: A few systems at retail have faster CPUs for less.

The bottom line: The eMachines T5246 is an imminently capable budget desktop, with pretty much every feature you'd want in a day-to-day PC. If you're inclined to bargain hunt you might find a better deal by a few dollars, but if you pick this one up you won't go wrong for the price.

Reviewed by:
Rich Brown
Review date: 3/6/08

The eMachines T5246 PC is the most expensive of the budget desktop brand's offerings this quarter. Of course, at $429, it's not exactly a luxury item. If you're thinking about a lower-end eMachines system and have a few extra dollars to spare, we'd certainly recommend this one over the $349
T3642. Neither Dell nor Hewlett-Packard compete well in the super-low-end price range, but if you go to Best Buy or Circuit City you might find better deals from Acer (who owns eMachines) and ZT Systems. This eMachines T5246 provides everything you might look for in a basic desktop PC so if that's all you need, we recommend it. But in this price range every dollar counts, and if you can find a similar configuration for less, go for it.

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