Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ramping up the dialogue: Adam Wasserman

Meet the Bloggers » Blog Archive » Twitter Updates for 2008-03-25--George is using Twitter now to "live blog" the MeetTheBloggers interviews. It's good to have this immediate input and posting of content, to be followed a bit later by the posts of people in attendance, like the Equanimous Philosopher, to be followed still later by the permanently posted podcast itself.

And, just as our methods for ramping up the dialogue continue to gain traction and speed, our new participants in the dialogue continue to show more promise and receptivity. The Adam Wasserman interview should be enlightening to many and give hope to all who value candor and truth in the public space. Adam has a refreshing perspective, and I expect George will have the podcast up soon; it was a good sit that needs sharing as quickly as possible.

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