Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yearning to Put Papers Back in Local Hands - New York Times

Yearning to Put Papers Back in Local Hands - New York Times: "Newspapers are the soul of a community and they should be locally owned, Mr. Broad said one recent afternoon on the 12th floor of an office tower here overlooking acres of million-dollar homes. And that is why he would like to see The Los Angeles Times, now owned by the Chicago-based Tribune Company, acquired by a group of local organizations, including his own $2 billion foundation.
'A newspaper can provide a power base,' he said. 'If a publisher wants to get things done, they can get 30 of the most important people in the room. It's even more important in Los Angeles because of the diverse geography. I would see owning the paper as a way to get people more engaged from all parts of the city.'"

What do you do when that same paper abdicates its responsibilities? That's the problem we're trying to solve around here with blogs. Listen to Eli--he was visionary when it came to SunAmerica and independent advisors. His ideas from the '90s are being borne out now. I think he has his head screwed on right. Read the whole article.

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