Sunday, July 02, 2006

AOL Said, 'If You Leave Me I'll Do Something Crazy' - New York Times

AOL Said, 'If You Leave Me I'll Do Something Crazy' - New York Times: "When Vincent Ferrari, 30, of the Bronx, called AOL to cancel his membership last month, it took him a total of 21 minutes, including the time spent on an automated sequence at the beginning and some initial waiting in a queue. He recorded the five minutes of interaction with the AOL customer service representative and, a week later, posted the audio file on his blog, Insignificant Thoughts (
Shortly thereafter, those five minutes became the online equivalent of a top-of-the-charts single."

Here we have another manifestation of the power of blogs. Click through to the sound file, but be sure to read the whole NYT article and the comments on the blog itself and also on The entire package is incredible.

"To listen as Mr. Ferrari tries to cancel his membership is to join him in a wild, horrifying descent into customer-service hell."


  1. Dick Feagler had a funny customer service hell story in the PD today - he was on hold for so long with the Cleveland Clinic that he hung up and drove to the Clinic (Westlake version) - and was treated poorly there as well.

  2. Dick deserves the best abuse money can buy--he's earned it.