Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vonage SoftPhone & TAPI & the Windows Phone Dialer

A few days ago, I added a SoftPhone to my Vonage account, the standard, older X-PRO version from XTen Networks, and I think it's really nifty, but I am easy to please. I am a primate, after all.

Anyway, it is a digital arrangement. I want to use the Windows dialer with the softphone, on a machine that has no hardware modem. The dialer, I guess, likes to work with things that are analog, not digital, and have something to do with TAPI. I have tried installing a virtual modem and a SoftPhone version of Xten's X-PRO TAPI, and I can't get the Windows dialer to work with the SoftPhone yet.

Am I trying to do something impossible?


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